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​ARTS Program


The Academy of Arts program blends integrated and performing arts through social studies curriculum. 


Our 2020-2021 Academy of ARTS production will be

Annie Jr.!

TRACKS Program​


The TRACKS Academy 

program is an outdoor program Teaching Respect, Appreciation, and Conservation to Kids through Science and Social Studies. 


STEAM Program


The STEAM Academy program offers project based learning that integrates Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math. . 



ARTS Informational 
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TRACKS  Informational
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​STEAM Informational
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​ARTS Highlights


    Musical Theatre

    Visual Arts/Music

    Guest Artists/Performers

    Field Trips

​TRACKS Highlights

    Black Forest History
    Survival/First Aid

    Native Flora and Fauna

    Tracking & Orienteering

    Forestry & Pond Studies

    Archery, Hiking, Biking, and Snowshoeing

    Team Building

    Field Trips

​STEAM Highlights


     iPad and Laptop Labs

    AmeriTown or International Towne

    Visual Arts/Music

    Guest Artists/Performers

    Hands-on Learning


    Field Trips

​ARTS Days Offered

(attend 1 day a week)


       Mondays    K - 8th

       Tuesdays    K - 8th  

TRACKS Days Offered​

(attend 1 day a week)


   Wednesdays  6th - 8th

   Thursdays       4th - 5th

   Fridays             3rd 

STEAM Days Offered

(attend 1 day a week)


   Wednesdays     K - 5th

   Thursdays          K - 8th

   Fridays                K - 8th

​ARTS Program Hours


 8:45 am - 3:45 pm

TRACKS Program Hours


​STEAM Program Hours


 8:45 am - 3:45 pm

​ARTS Location


8707 Wolf Valley Dr.

 Colorado Springs, CO 80924

TRACKS Location

School in the Woods

12002 Vollmer Road

Black Forest, CO 80908 

​STEAM Location


8707 Wolf Valley Dr.

 Colorado Springs, CO 80924


High School Expeditions is offered on Friday's from 8:45am -3:45pm at the Center for Modern Learning located at 8707 Wolf Valley Dr. Colorado Springs, CO 80924. The class focuses on Career Exploration, Team Buliding and Creativity, Community Service Projects and Recreation / Outdoor Education Activities.

Concurrent Enrollment is also available to College ready students in grades 9-12 with classes now being offered at our HSA location.




​Academy of ARTS

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​TRACKS Academy 

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STEM Academy 

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Learn More About TRACKS >

Learn More About STEM >



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​Transition to High School 

The Village at Academy Online High School

​​The Home School Academy only goes through 8th grade, however District 20 has an innovative, personalized learning program called The Village at Academy Online High School (AOHS).  

For more information, please viewThe Village @ AOHS Information.pdf

If you have any questions about the program, you can contact the The Village at AOHS principal